Calling for Coalitions: A Look at Successful Media and Advocacy Partnerships

This report examines four case studies of collaborations between media and advocacy groups on the following issues: health misinformation, gender in the media, extractive industries and governmental corruption. The research consisted of a series of interviews with journalists, members of civil society organizations, donor organizations, academics, and government officials from around the world. It’s main findings include:

  • partnership between media and advocacy groups is often based on pre-existing familiarity and/or trust
  • training and capacity building is a natural area to establish more formal partnerships
  • common areas of informal collaboration were the sharing of information and amplification of media outlets’ reach through cross-publishing of content
  • journalists, civil society organisations and donors all define impact differently

The researchers recommend:

  • full understanding of roles and boundaries between all parties, including understanding of the different and distinct responsibilities of journalists and advocacy groups
  • Training and capacity building should be accompanied with more indirect ways to support journalists, such as working to improve access to information and reliable data
Year Country Organisation Author Type
2020 Kenya, Nigeria, Peru, South Africa Columbia University Chen, Y. et al. research report
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Intermediate Outcome 2 civil society, collaboration, media, partnerships Download/link