Building Back a Stronger Media

The crisis facing independent news media, whether online or offline or hybrid, presents an existential threat to our societies. This has been made clear particularly during the pandemic which highlighted a paradox: While media became more important than ever for citizens as a source of reliable information in an insecure and continuously changing world, newsrooms struggled to pay their bills.

The pandemic brought to crisis point prior trends – for example, between 2009 to 2020, the share of newspapers – key producers of journalism – in global advertising spend fell from 23 to 6 percent.

Amidst the gloom of increasing financial pressure, there is a lot to learn from the creativity and actions taken by media in their effort for survival: Journalists, publishers, educators and other media workers have developed and are developing innovative strategies to help strengthen the viability of independent media.

This publication showcases some of these inspiring and educational micro-stories:

  • success in cross-border collaboration for investigative journalism;
  • revenue-earning fact-checking services that combat disinformation;
  • new business models that leverage audience and advertiser needs;
  • entrepreneurial education for the next generation of journalists; and much more.

These enterprise-level steps are essential complements to the need for bigger changes in national policies to save – and stimulate – media development all around the world.

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2022 Global UNESCO Kilman, L. report
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Intermediate Outcome 3 business models, covid-19, cross-border collaboration, entrepreneurial journalism, independent media, investigative journalism, media revenue, public service media Download/link