Annual Study on the Place of Women Directors in Europe

In Europe today, only one out of five filmmakers is a woman. Moreover, on average women are less paid, less subsidised, less programmed than men, and female characters are still too often poor or stereotypical. However, cinema is a powerful influential sphere and participates in the construction of society at the same time as it reflects it. Therefore, this report is based on the conviction that a fairer representation of diversity at every level of the creative process could have an impact on the whole society.

This report, updated for the sixth time, aims to question and monitor women directors’ position over time and the evolution of policies in their favour in 32 different European countries. The study has two different components:

  • A qualitative study, which deals with measures that have mostly just been taken and will have statistical consequences in the coming months/years;
  • The EAO’s quantitative study, which always relates to a past period and is the numerical consequence of measures adopted earlier.
Year Country Organisation Author Type
2021 Europe Women in Cinema Lab report
Theory of Change Keywords Download/link
Intermediate Outcome 3 cinematography, directors, gender inequality Download/link