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Source Year Country Organisation Author
How a community radio station in CAR contributes to peace 2018 Central African Republic Free Press Unlimited
Local media in Pakistan contribute to peaceful elections 2018 Pakistan Free Press Unlimited
Live broadcast prevents Kurdish population migration 2018 Iraq Free Press Unlimited
PakVoices stimulates and supports citizen journalism in Pakistan 2018 Pakistan Free Press Unlimited
Unbiased news from Syria goes global via WhatsApp 2018 Syria Free Press Unlimited
Breaking barriers: The first transgender radio host in Pakistan 2018 Pakistan Free Press Unlimited
In Defence of the Iraqi Media: Between Fuelling Conflict and Healthy Pluralism 2017 Iraq Media in Cooperation and Transition (MiCT) Wollenberg, A. et al.
Making a Difference to Communities through Emphasizing Local Voices 2017 Pakistan Tribal News Network
Mobile journalism leads to opportunities and changes in Zimbabwe 2017 Zimbabwe Free Press Unlimited
Mama Radio decreases security incidents in DR Congo 2017 Democratic Republic of Congo Free Press Unlimited
Citizen journalism as a tool to bring stories from refugees 2017 Iraq Free Press Unlimited
Bengali news for kids paves the way for fair education 2017 Bangladesh Free Press Unlimited