Barriers to women journalists in Sub-Saharan Africa

The study surveyed 125 women journalists from 17 different African countries. The objective of the study is to assess the status of women in journalism in Sub-Saharan Africa. The research shows that barriers exist at various points in the professional and personal life cycles. The main barriers and challenges faced by the respondents in this study were:

  • Job stagnation and salary discrepancies for women in the media,
  • Disparities between men and women in the distribution of job roles,
  • Sexual Harassment, Bullying and Sexism,
  • Family Life,¬†and
  • Women in media and leadership.

Researcher: Dr Yemisi Akinbobola, Senior Lecturer and International Research Partnerships Manager, Media and Cultural Studies, Birmingham City University

Year Country Organisation Author Type
2020 Africa Fojo Media Institute and African Women in Media Akinbobola, Y. research report
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