The role of journalists in issues surrounding water, conflict and climate

Journalists can play a vital role in the communication surrounding water, conflict and climate. When journalists are included in important discussions, where they can share their knowledge and experience, and are kept fully informed of the current developments by those involved, journalists are can complete the missing link between the communities affected by climate change and those who debate and define the science and policies surrounding it. To this end, Free Press Unlimited invited journalists from Mali, Nepal, Iraq, Sudan and Ethiopia to join in the discussion at the highest level, during the ‘Planetary Security Conference.’ The conference was run by the Planetary Security Initiative, a consortium of leading think tanks lead by Clingendael. Also invited to take part in the conference were politicians such as the Nigerian minister of Internal Affairs and the minister of Foreign Affairs for Mali. During this conference, the journalists were given the opportunity to interview these policy makers and represent their work on the issues of climate and water.

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2017 Global Free Press Unlimited Free Press Unlimited case study/ies
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