New publication: Income Models for Independent Media in Difficult Contexts

Free Press Unlimited published the report Income Models of Independent Media in Difficult Contexts.

This research explores income models of media, and which environmental factors and characteristics of media outlets influence these models. Its findings are based on interviews with more than 80 media managers from approximately 40 countries around the world.

The research findings show that, across the board, media will be in need for grant funding, as well as support for business model development. Even media in the comparatively less challenging environments will need to continuously update their business models. A lot of flexibility and resilience is required to survive while developing a diversified income model over the course of many years, a long period for which continued grant funding is very often required. Even the media who consider themselves doing financially relatively well, or better than before, indicate that it remains complex and difficult to generate sufficient revenue. Well-off media can be easily disrupted when one larger partnership ends or the country’s economy or press freedom status takes a step back. Providing core funding would allow media to continue their operations as well as appropriating resources to business management.