Invitation to participate in our COVID-19 campaign

In the run-up to World Press Freedom Day (3rd May) we want to emphasise the importance of reliable information during the COVID-19 crisis. Please join us in the campaign TOGETHER FOR RELIABLE INFORMATION.

The campaign

Everyone needs reliable information on COVID-19. We are in this together. In recent weeks, we’ve seen our partners launch impressive initiatives to support journalists covering COVID-19 and ensure access to reliable information. In this campaign, we want to showcase the work you’re doing on the frontline of the fight against the virus, to inspire others and underline the importance of reliable information.

Join us!

What we ask from you: please tell us about the situation in your country and produce videos/photos and text about how you provide the public with reliable information. We’ll use your quality content for our website and on our social channels throughout the campaign. There is some budget available so when you decide to join, please indicate what kind of content you will produce, when you can send it to us and how much budget you need. 

We will develop campaign tools: visuals, infographics, shout-outs, example texts, etc. that can be used during the campaign (use is optional).

We will also develop a “toolkit” for you that can assist you in your COVID-19 related work (use is optional).

  • Infographics with basic information about COVID-19 which can be translated, used and shared with your audiences
  • Online safety tips and tricks for journalists who are working from home
  • Other materials to support you where needed

If you want to join, please reach out to your programme coordinator at Free Press Unlimited, or our COVID-19 response coordinator, email