Money Trail

Money Trail: training and grants for financial investigative journalists

Money Trail, implemented by Free Press Unlimited, Oxfam Novib, Finance Uncovered and, focuses on investigative journalists in Asia, Europe and Africa. It offers working grants for (teams of) African, Asian and European journalists to investigate cross-border illicit financial flows, tax abuse and corruption in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Journalists are supported in uncovering financial wrongdoing through the provision of training, a grants mechanism and campaigning around published stories. In a series of six training sessions, journalists are equipped with the skills and tools to uncover illegal financial practices.

Who can apply?

  • Intercontinental journalist teams from Africa, Asia and Europe.
  • Regional cross-border collaborations in Africa and Asia. 
  • Exceptional proposals from individual journalists in Africa and Asia whose story includes an offshore element in a national story – where the money trail leads to a tax haven – can be accepted. 
  • European journalists planning on applying must collaborate with an African or Asian journalist. 
  • Foreign correspondents in Africa or Asia can apply with local journalists.

In order to be eligible for application, the journalists have to ensure that their story will be published. Therefore, during the application procedure, they will be asked to upload commitment of publication from relevant media organisations. 

For more information, including applications deadlines and to apply: click here.